Choosing the Right Filter System For Your Swimming Pool: Sand, DE, and Cartridge Defined

A swimming pool pump is often known as the center of the pool’s filtration system. If we intend to stick with this physiological metaphor, the filter is the liver. All of a sudden disenchanted? If we plan sooner or later to tear ourselves away from metaphors that try to elevate the mechanical straining of grime, grime, and hair out of your pool water to faintly sentimental but vaguely effectual imagery, learn on.

The chilly, arduous, unembellished fact is that the world of swimming pool filters is dominated by three kings: sand, cartridge, and D.E. (Diatomaceous Earth) filters. Every is engineered to scrub water to a sure micron degree, and every has its personal value and useful resource advantages. This information is geared towards residential purposes and affords a primary tour of the dominion.

Sand Filters

Sand filters are probably the most inexpensive mannequin and are generally used for smaller swimming pools (roughly 12′ x 20′). Sand filters make use of #20 silica sand to scrub right down to 20-25 microns per cycle. Sand filters have to be often backwashed to make sure most effectivity. Backwashing includes reversing your circulation system’s water movement as a way to loosen hardened sand and cleanse collected particles. The impurities are then disbursed via both a waste line or backwash hose. Sand filters are acceptable for above floor and in floor swimming swimming pools.

Cartridge Filters

cartridge filter supplier are the preferred type of swimming pool filtration system, providing mid-level filtration at a modest worth. Cartridge filters flow into water via a cylindrical polyester-based display to entice particles and are extra particle-intensive, eradicating particles right down to 5-10 microns. With regular use, cartridge filters ought to be eliminated and hosed off each three months to keep up optimum efficiency. They may also be soaked in tri-sodium phosphate, however hosing is simpler. With the bottom upkeep of the three fashions and an extended lifespan, the cartridge filter is a most well-liked alternative for householders. Cartridge filters can be utilized with above floor and in floor swimming swimming pools.

D.E. (Diatomaceous Earth) Filters

Diatomaceous Earth is a semi-coarse powder fabricated from floor micro-fossilized diatoms. D.E. powder is coated on plates and offers the very best degree of filtration out of all choices – right down to 3-5 microns. Much like sand, D.E. filters should even be backwashed. Whereas D.E. filters are usually dearer than different filters, they provide probably the most thorough filtration, producing the cleanest, healthiest water. D.E. filters are acceptable for in-ground swimming swimming pools.


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